About us

Lazar-Knuth Art Consultancy is introducing artists, trading with artworks internationally, and organizing art exhibitions and events in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.



Hello! I am Katalin Lazar, designer, artist, and art historian with big passion for modern visual culture, its complexity and reflections in our lives. My passion for understanding and learning about group movements in modern, started in my high school years with organizing lectures on the art of the beginning of the twentieth century, with the special focus of Paris, the Montmartre.
The thesis of my diploma I obtained at the University of Design Moholy-Nagy was about the contemporary movement of Young British Art at the millennium; later I continued my studies as Ph.D. student, researching the correlation between art and fashion. Now, after many years working as a designer, than as an author of books and curating exhibitions for galleries in Budapest I am back in the school bank, studying art theory and teaching at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.
Beside, I still wished not just “preaching” but practicing my knowledge. I have many friends from the international art world; artists, young, old, beginners or established, sculptures, painters, performing artists
I With my partner, Thomas Knuth, I am happy to show you something visual, something new, something good, something, you want to see and own for every day on the wall, or shelfs of your office or of your home.

10 months ago